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Since 1968 we have served Redding and the surrounding area with affordable quality in automotive service. We offer you the best in automotive parts and repair.

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Wheel Alignments

Bryant Automotive now offers Computerized All Wheel Alignments.

How often should I have my vehicle aligned?

Always follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation in your owner's manual.

How important is wheel alignment?

Think of it this way. Driving a vehicle for 12,000 miles with a misalignment of only .34 degrees out of specification would be equivalent to dragging the tire sideways for 68 miles!

What are some easy-to-notice symptoms of a misaligned vehicle?

- Excessive or uneven tire wear

- Vehicle drift or pull

- A feeling of looseness or wandering

- An out-of-level steering wheel

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All Wheel Alignment, domestic and foreign

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A short course on wheel alignment.



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